Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I saw my father last night.

His wife called and invited me over for dinner, I initially said no I'm busy. She kept calling me, telling me they miss me, I finally gave in. I shouldn't have given in.

I asked my boyfriend to go with me, and he did. Having him there didn't give me the protection I had hoped it would.

My boyfriend was on the other side of the room looking at the suit of armour when my father walked up behind me, grabbed my ass with both hands, rubbed it and then pinched me. He then walked in front of me and pushed his arm into my breasts and gave me the smile I still have nightmares about.

I split instantly. I don't remember anything after that, the conversation, nothing. I went through the rest of the evening an autopilot and left shortly after dinner.

I am such an idiot for going, I brought that on myself because I went. Granted I wasn't wearing a please touch my ass sign, but if I hadn't made the choice to see him, it never would have happened...

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Anonymous said...

Your father is a jackass, and I'm being polite.