Saturday, December 03, 2005


I received quite possibly the best compliment I have ever gotten yesterday. I can't quite make heads or tails of it though...

I went for dinner and drinks with a group of friends last night. We were sitting there enjoying our calamari and beers when one friend looked at me and said "y'know there's something about you" I just looked at him with a stupid look on my face "what the hell are you talking about?" Another friend chimed in and said that there's some energy or something about me that she loves, that draws people in, that charms them. I just sat there thinking "what the hell" and said "yeah, OK, whatever guys." Next thing I know there are 7 people sitting there talking about me like I'm not even there!

One person, who I've just recently started spending time with said I always make her feel better about herself. She said I have this uncanny way of lifting her spirit and she loves it. She said there was something about me when we first she met that drew her to me and that is incredibly happy to be friends with someone like me.

My boyfriend told me that I am the most incredible person he has ever met. He told me that there is a spark, something he's never seen before that emanates from my eyes and smile, from the way I can look at people and bring something to life inside of them that makes them want to dance, laugh, and cry all at once.

Everyone nodded in agreement as I sat there with a gigantic smile on my face thinking they're all on crack or something.

I have no idea what started the conversation.

I don't think there is "something" special about me at all...


Anonymous said...

believe them! healing is the realization that you love yourself

Stella said...

Hey there, there must be something special if they said so! Am reading your blog, and love the way you write, there's something very special about it, very inspiring for me, sometimes you write about such terrible things, but yet you use beautiful language.