Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Beginnings

I had always thought that healing was just that. You would simply heal and life would be sunshine and daisies. I was told that it is a journey, but I didn't truly understand that until recently.

Healing is not linear nor singular.  

There is no ultimate, magical moment that you reach where everything is perfect and all the trauma has been erased. 

Even though I hate this realization I am thankful to finally understand that I am not defective for continuing to struggle. This is a journey and it could last my entire life and that needs to be okay because otherwise I will quit again. I can't quit again. I can't walk away no matter how much pain I am in, or how dark or heavy or hopeless I feel.

This is a journey. Albeit a very frustrating one. 

Edit: I deleted the previous post from April 2014 and replaced it with today's update