Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I was replying to one of those email questionnaires you get from friends... "what is your favorite month?" "favorite color?"

One of the questions was "What is your favorite childhood toy?"

It was really easy to answer that question, but at the same time it brought up a lot of happiness and sadness.

It was a Gizmo doll. From the Gremlins.

I got Gizmo for my 5th birthday.

I loved that little guy. I took him everywhere with me, he was like my protection. I remember putting him under my pillow at night, clutching him while I lied there, waiting for the inevitable to happen. I want another Gizmo...

I remember the night my father took him. I think I cried more that night for losing Gizmo than for what my father did to me.

It was the night of the hot curling iron...


Revolutionary Blogger said...

I remember Gizmo Gremlin Apparently there are entire fan clubs dedicated to it. Great classic toy from the 80's.

Holly said...

Hi Survivor,
I do not remember the Gizmo Gremlin, I did not have a favorite toy that I can remember. I will have to think about it. If I remember I will let you know! I do collect small shoes and rocking horses today.