Tuesday, April 04, 2006

For a change...

I've been enjoying life...

The snow is melting... pretty much all gone!

The trees are beginning to bud... can't wait for my Lilac bush/trees to bloom!

It's that time of year where I can't help but be in a good mood!

I love spring and what it brings... warm weather, fun and excitement, growth - new and old...

I can hardly wait to spend countless hours in my garden; planting flowers, weeding, watering, and of course admiring! I love tinkering in the dirt and getting covered in mud... it's an incredible stress reliever and a very grounding feeling squishing mud between your fingers!

Spring brings thunderstorms! I LOVE thunder and lightening. The louder the better... the house rattling crack and sheet lightening kind. I find it very relaxing and peaceful to sit on the patio swing in my backyard and watch the storms with a glass of wine.

Spring brings kite flying weather! I discovered the youthfulness and pure enjoyment of flying a kite last summer on the advice of a friend. He makes his own kites and one day told me to go fly a kite... So I did! I had so much fun running around in the park, limbs flailing here and there. I probably looked like a lunatic but I didn't care, I felt free! I had a few kite mishaps with my dogs last summer - I didn't know Sandy could jump six feet in the air from a standing position and successful destroy the poor kite.

Spring brings geocaching! An absolute modern day treasure hunt! Very exciting to track a location with a GPS unit and actually find what you're looking for.

Spring brings camping and mountain adventures! I love camping, hiking, fishing (I WILL NOT touch the fish) canoeing, and just lazing in the sun next to a lake or river soaking up the rays!

My first spring adventure is in two weeks. Easter weekend! My boyfriend and I are going to a spot near Valemount B.C. for the weekend. I can't wait to get out of the city and relax in a log cabin, do some hiking and maybe some fishing. Exactly what I need to renew my energy and the resolve to keep going...

Spring is here!

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Yesterdays_ashes said...

Just stopped by to read part of your blog....what you have written is very interesting and inspiring.

Spring definitely brings us a sense of hope and renewed life. I too just love everything about spring.