Monday, April 10, 2006


The BBQ wasn't as bad as I was expecting. This is where my philosophy comes into play: expect the worst and nothing can dissapoint you! It works...sometimes.

My boyfriend ended up showing up and driving me out there, he promised we'd leave if I wanted to. He also apologized for being an ass and said he doesn't really understand what I go through and hates to see me upset. I thanked him for twisting my arm and dragging me to the BBQ, it lifted my spirit for a little while.

I didn't sleep again last night and I'm absolutely exhausted this morning. My eyes are burning and I can't tell if it's because I'm holding back the tears or if I'm just that tired.

I think it's both.


Anonymous said...

You are other anonymous comments so this must be getting a bit confusing.

I am glad that the BBQ went ok, and that things with your boyfriend are better.
I am sorry things are not all that good in general.
Hang in there.

I feel like maybe I have writen too much and stepped over the line letting myself go.
I am sorry.

I think what you are doing, the blog, is really brave.
I have thought of it a few times myself, but I can´t bring myself to do it, open up that way.
Somehow these past days I have, with the post i have sent. For that I wanted to thank you.

Take care.

survivor said...

Dear Anon,

Hey no lines crossed. Please, keep commenting.

This is a place to help me and most importantly to help others. Share your thoughts, feelings, anything. This is your voice just as much as it is mine...

Take care