Sunday, February 05, 2006


I got some very bad news on Friday.

My boyfriend has Hepatitis B.

He just found out.

I, of course, could be at risk of having it as well. It's a very slim slim chance, as we always practise safe sex.

I'm also worried about him. He said he was absolutely terrified of telling me and how I would react. He said he was scared I would run and not have anything to do with him anymore. I told him I'd never do that. That I am going to get tested, and if I don't have it (which I shouldn't) then I will get vaccinated.

I guess I'm still in shock because I'm looking at all of this rationally and there hasn't been very much emotion involved.

I have a lot of thinking to do, and I need to be there for him, to support him and get through this together.


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Holly said...

Hi Survivor,
It will be a difficult, but you will make the right decision. You have to think about it, the research is important. If you want to rant email ok, Take care