Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lost and Alone

The title says it all...

I consumed copious amounts of wine last night trying to squash the many thoughts and feelings that were surmounting and consuming me. It was a poor choice as I know how alcohol leaves me feeling in the wake of high consumption. I'm also confused as I do not know if it is the alcohol causing these feelings or if what I tried to kill is rushing to the surface ten fold.

I retract that; I do know. It is what I was trying to contain in a neat little box that is crushing me. The neat little box is no more; it is covered in vomited vulgarity, what I would describe as blood spewing from the corners and black filth rushing out the top.

Paints a pretty picture doesn't it?

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Fallen Rose said...

My little neat box was actually a room in my mind that I ran to where everything was white and pretty, and then under the door would come this brown spew, and I was afraid to open the door, because all the brown stuff would rush in and my nice clean room would be ruined.