Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sad Day

My hamster died today.

Saddie was my little buddy. She would run around my desk while I worked and would sleep on the keyboard of my laptop. She would ride around my shoulder and bury herself in my hair while we watched TV.

I noticed she was sick this morning before I started work. I took her out of her cage and she was cold and shivering, I wrapped her up in a towel and put her on my keyboard, her favorite daytime nap spot. I gave her water with a dropper and talked to her all day.

A few minutes after I got off work she started gasping for air, I picked her up and gently stroked her head. I told her it was OK to go, she opened one eye and looked at me, took a couple more breaths and let go.

She may have been a hamster, but she was my buddy and I will miss her.


Revolutionary Blogger said...

my condolences on your loss.

survivor said...

Thanks Rev!