Tuesday, March 07, 2006

North Country

What an incredible movie.

It hits very close to home. The character was raped and experienced severe severe sexual harassment in the workplace. She took her case to court, endured much character scrutiny and still persevered and managed to win.

I did the same, only I gave up halfway through and settled for a small sum of money because it was too emotionally draining.

Watching the movie brought the sexual harassment back.

A man I worked with cornered me in a cubicle and undid my blouse pulling it away to look at my breasts - all to coerce me into returning from my lunch break 5 minutes early so he could go.

It was a rough night last night.

A very brutal day today.

I need to bitch about work for a second so it doesn't ebb at me for the rest of the day. We are yet again severely short staffed and the workload is insane. I got my ass chewed by my manager for making a spelling mistake on a page out this morning after responding to 32 calls in less than 2 hours. (I'm a senior tech with a major technology company) Then I get a call from my TL to yell at me for the same thing not 20 minutes later. In a moment of sheer frustration I asked her how the company thinks only providing negative feedback is a good driving force for the team? I was met with dead silence on the line so I continued and told her that negative feedback, threats, being treated as a child, etc is not a way to motivate me or the team but quite the opposite. I said I am very well aware when I make a mistake and I am not perfect and cannot do the job of 4 people but would appreciate a more professional approach when being informed of an error while I am undertaking such duties and responsibilities. I thanked her and hung up. I have absolutely had it. It took everything I had not to put in my resignation today!

Add that with my sleepless night of crying in bed after watching the movie...

I'm doing great!!

Still holding onto the day of skating... there are good things in this life, just gotta find 'em...


Revolutionary Blogger said...

Happy International Women's Day 2006

survivor said...

Thanks Rev!