Friday, March 10, 2006



I am now registered for my BA in Psych!


My first course starts May 1, 2006.

I am sooooooo excited. I've wanted to do this for such a long time but I have been too scared to actually pursue it. Thanks to my counsellor for giving me this as homework!

I need some help making a decision.

My father and his new wife have offered me an all expenses paid trip to New York for my birthday. I'm not sure what to do. I really want to go to New York! At the same time, I'm nervous and scared of what may happen with my father. I confirmed with his wife that I would have my own hotel room and that I don't have to spend any time with them if I'm not interested in what they want to do. The only time I have to see them is for the Broadway play and maybe a dinner or two. They won't even be at the same hotel as they are going for a wedding and will be staying with his wife's relatives.

I think I can keep myself safe.

A large part of me wants to go. A smaller part thinks it's not such a good idea to put myself in that type of situation.

I talked to my boyfriend about it, he thinks if I can keep my distance and do my own thing except for the above mentioned dinner and play then I shouldn't pass up the opportunity.

I talked to a really good friend who is also a survivor of CSA and she said if she had the opportunity she would also go. She also said that as she lives fairly close to New York we could get together for a few days and sight see and support each other if needed. She also offered me an out if I need it and that would be staying with her until we leave.

I think I have my bases covered... and I wanna go!

Any opinions?


Revolutionary Blogger said...

Congrads on the registration for your BA in Psych! As far as your trip to NYC, I guess if you feel comfortable about the situation then its all good. Have fun if you decide to go, NYC this time of the year is rather nice.

"When asked how much the educated were superior to those uneducated, Aristotle answered, "As much as the living are to the dead."
-Diogenes Laertius (fl. 2nd century).

The Missing Link said...

Wow - congratulations!! That is so great. You will be learning so much - and I hope you share the most interesting stuff w/us! I am so proud of you to be able to put your future ahead of your past.

NYC? Another wow... I've been DYING to go. I think you have done a great job of weighing the good vs. the bad - you have everything covered: you've confirmed that you are not obligated to spend any unwanted time w/them, and if the going gets tough, you have a friend nearby.

This seems like a great way to celebrate & reward yourself for registering for your BA. If you maybe look at it like that - as a reward for yourself, a treat, a personal celebration - then I think there is no way your father can interrupt all that this trip can really serve for you. And it's on HIS DIME! EVEN SWEETER!

Good Luck! You deserve this!

Anonymous said...

I wish you well. There are many, many good and decent people in the world, and my hope for you is that you will have them in your life.

The Missing Link said...

Okay - now I need your help... Check out my post...

survivor said...

Thanks everyone! Your opinions are greatly appreciated :o)

Anonymous said...

No amount of time or apologizing can make certain things ok. In my own humble (and rather uninformed) opinion, I think that assosciation of any kind with someone who has a severe and dangerous mental illness is not serving your cause. Redemption and forgiveness are key tennants of my religion, but some sins are unforgiveable by mortal man. Ultimately it is your choice, but there are certian circumstances where playing it safe is not a bad thing.