Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I'm nearing the end of my rope.

I am incredibly stressed. There are things happening at my workplace that I'm not able to talk about, but really wish I could. It's eating me alive! Suffocating me.

I'm very tempted to take short term disability to remove myself from the situation because I'm not coping very well and have been ignoring my needs and self care and allowing myself to be consumed by the situation.

I've been having anxiety/panic attacks lately. My heart races, I can't breathe, I feel dizzy, my arms tingle.

I think it's a combination of the stress at work and the stress of my life. Actually I know it's a combination of it all.

Does anyone have any techniques they use to handle stress or anxiety attacks that actually work?


jumpinginpuddles said...

When amelia has panic attacks and they have been very frequent lately, we use the millionaire theory which im sure everyone will laugh at.


use a lifeline

phone a friend.

is trying to calm her down putting on tele, slow breathing, music relaxation,
that isnt working,

use a lifeline,
getting on computer writing about whats going on finding someone to type to reply to blogs, find sites etc.

phone a friend:
we have our T we can call and two friends if things get bad, they are aware of our situation and understand the best they can about us being who we are and are there on call if all else fails.

Apart from those suggestions, i wanted to add we are here listening maybe in another part of the world but we are here non the less. Not much help but at leastt you know when you write its being read and we are listening.


The Missing Link said...

Survivor - I've been in the same boat lately. (Remember what we said about being in each other's heads?!) I definately want to respond, but can't until I get home after work... just wanted to let you know that, yes, I do understand and will share some techniques, etc. later tonight.

And for Anonymous:

Regarding starting your own blog and the fear of being "exposed" - the same thoughts and fears have been consuming me recently... I definately want to respond to you, too. So please check back. I might just write another post addressing this issue because it's been so stressing lately. But please check back... I'll let you know if I create another post or I might just comment again here.

Hang in there, you two.
Talk soon,
Sending you much love,
ML :)

survivor said...

ML - yeah, we seem to be in each others heads, usually feeling the same at the same times... Not sure how I feel about that. Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, let alone a friend. :o)

survivor said...

JIP (sounds much better!)

Those are awesome ideas, thanks a bunch for the suggestions.

And having you and all the other amazing people who read my blog really do help.

Thanks for bein here!

Breeya said...


I would like to hear about more techniques to handle anxiety attacks too.

I want to be very careful saying anythig about work, because obviously I know nothing about what you do or how the situation is. Even less about the repercussions of doing certain things.
But, all that said, your well being is very important.
I can see that taking a leave could be problematic, but maybe a couple of days, would help and are less likely to be a problem.
Everyone gets sick right? A bad anxiety attack could eventually make you have to miss a day of work.

If yo want to talk about work, but can not do it here I can give you my email.

Take care.


survivor said...

Thanks Breeya... Unfortunately, I can't discuss anything related to what is happening. It's completely confidential... thanks a lot for the offer though.

How are you doing?

Breeya said...


I am sorry, it must be hard not to be able to unload.
I hope the situation gets better.

I am doing ok, more or less, thanks.
Trying to decide what to do abuot my relationship, though it can hardly be called that now.
My head tells me we have been here too many times, that we are going in circles, that we are not compatible.
Yet, I have to decide whether to follow my head.
Right now, I am pure contradiction.
I guess it will take a bit of time.

Take care.

For missing link:
I will check back for your post. Thanks for sharing.

Ophelia said...

Mostly I just drink. Way too much.

But that's only in the moment, when it's horrible and I'm like drowning. On a more regular basis, I treat myself in little ways. I take the time to be completely alone and silent, whole weekends - and I don't let anyone make me feel guilty for not being sociable. I force myself to take my full hour lunch break, and force myself out of the office. I force myself to eat something at every mealtime, no matter how un-hungry I am, and I force myself to sleep, and to clean the apartment instead of just not caring about the clothes on the floor and dishes in the sink.

Weird - I never realized how much I force myself to do just normal things. Mostly, it's all about making me take care of myself.

Ya know - except when I'm getting blind drunk.

The Missing Link said...

i know... it totally freaks me out when i read other survivors having the exact same feelings/patterns as im having... true - it DOES make me feel not so crazy, but then again, it also makes me want to erase my site and run away from all of this blogging stuff... very strange...

but in the end, when all is said and done, i try to remember that aside from my readers, there are a zillion other survivors i don't even know about that are feeling the same crazies as im feeling.

it amazes and angers me how common and life altering rape/sexual assault/sexual abuse/incest, etc. really is... just makes me want to stand on top of the world and yell forever:


fishtail1776 said...

Hello...it helps to realease anxiety when I post on messsage boards and blogs such as this!!

It makes me feel good when I have a place to go and knowing someone can see this!!! That's what helps relieve my stress. I also like to journal as well.

Every time I write...and every time I reach out...I feel calmer...also excercize helps, and socializing and having fun helps also.


survivor said...


Sometimes you have to force yourself to do all those things... I have to because sometimes I think and feel that I don't deserve anything good. Eventually, (at least I hope!) it should start to come more naturally to do those things.

I have a little problem with drinking myself.

I came home from work yesterday, downed 3 beer and a glass of wine then had a session with my counsellor! Pretty stupid of me...

Hang in there! I know it's rough sometimes, but it's gotta get better!

Take care

survivor said...


So sorry about your relationships. It's really hard to decide what to do in those situations, especially if your head tells you one thing and your heart another. Spend some time thinking about it, the pros and cons kinda thing...

You need a shoulder to lean on, or an ear... drop me an email!

survivor said...

ML - it amazes me to. Troubles me a lot. The more I hear about children being abused, rape victims, and knowing how many more go unreported... makes me sick to my stomach. I so wish I could go on a crusade and help all of them, let them know they're not alone, remove them from the situation. Help them in ways I and others have never been helped.

Funny... thinking about that makes me incredibly sad and angry at the same time.

much love and healing thoughts... to you and everyone

survivor said...

Hi Julie,

It really is helpful isn't it?

As Dr Deb said, blogging is great therapy!

Take care

Holly said...

Hi Survivor,
Call anytime you like if you need too, I will try to help in anyway!
Take care
I had panic attacks also, it so mentally draining, I would run a warm bath with tons of bubbles! It helped, and deep breathing! I have a great article on that I can send to you! Let me know ok
take care my friend

survivor said...

Hey Holly,

Thanks friend!

Sure, if you don't mind, please send the article.

I've been in hiding all week, sorry I haven't called you back yet...