Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've been avoiding this place for a long time. I haven't wanted to deal with anything related to this and coming here is just a reminder of what I'm trying to ignore.

I've tried to write a few times but I end up just writing the same things over and over again - I'm sad, I feel like crying... I'm sick of it.

It's been such a long time I really don't know where to start


Lynn said...

You can start any place you need to, Survivor. Any place at all. People are still popping in over here. I was very recently just sick of my stuff, too. Now I'm only a little tired of it. I'm here. I don't know how much it helps for you right now, but you're not alone.

Anonymous said...


I know you say you don't know where to start. I felt the same way until I happened upon your blog a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I have been following in your journey and your struggle to be free to heal. I thought everything I was feeling was just me in my crazy little head. But then I saw what you were going through and I saw I wasn't alone. I also was amazed to see how much support you were getting from your fellow survivors. I realized that what matters isn't where you start in your journey, but the journey itself. You have no idea how many people you are inspiring with your brutal honesty, with your deeply personal journey. Your blog saved my life. Keep writing, keep fighting... your strength keeps me going one more day. I just needed for you to know how much you mean to me, even though you are a perfect stranger.

Shyguy said...

A reader often gets victimized or tempted to read the stories of pain of another person only because he or she enjoys reading it partly sharing the pain undergone by the writer. I don't think you have got only things of pain in your life. It is just a minute part of your life. Write what you feel about love, friendship, pets, nature, future, a country, a dream or something that does not belong to pain only. Discover the undiscovered and bury the undesirable. Please do write something. It's text placed in some context that matters sometimes rather than its utility to readers or its greatness when perceived from a critical standpoint. Many are just survivors on this land. Victors and celebrities can be a few only. Write for survivors to read.


Enola said...

I'm so glad to see you back. Don't worry about what you write. Write it for you. Just start wherever you want. It doesn't need to make sense to anyone else. Often when I just get started, the thoughts start spilling out and they end up making more sense than I ever thought they would.

Wanda's Wings said...

I'm so sorry you are having a rough time. Just say thing any way that you can. Just let it out.
(((Safe Hugs)))

Laurel said...

Hi, just linking around to other survivor's sites and wanted to encourage you to write.

Cheesemeister said...

Sometimes a person does need to take time away. I've wanted to but have such fear of abandonment that I'm afraid the few people who do comment will forget about me. Just start again however you feel most comfortable. It isn't for anyone else to judge.