Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Whew... I have the rest of the week off. It was a bit of a fight to get it, but I won the battle!

Today was my first day to sleep in and relax a bit - well that's what it was supposed to be, but I can't sit still. Instead I taught myself how to lay lino in the basement bathroom. My boyfriend and I had finished painting it a few days ago so I had to scrape paint off the cement floor and putty from when we did the drywall before I could put the lino down. I only finished half of it because I was dying of heat and sweating to death, 27C before noon today. It's supposed to cooler tomorrow so I figure I'll finish the rest. I'm becoming quite the jack of all trades and I'm rather good at it (if I toot my own horn!) If I finish the basement bathroom tomorrow then on Wednesday I'm tackling the upstairs bathroom - ripping off the wall tiles that have been there for 27 years should be a challenge!

Doing all of this work is letting my get out my frustrations with work and my life. I'm actually feeling pretty good right now. Found out yesterday at work that the company I work for lost the contract so we will be transitioning to other jobs by July 31st. I really hope I am not here by then, I'm aiming at moving to BC by mid July.

I had a big scare last week with my yellow Lab Sandy. She had bloody diarrhea and vomit - not something my boyfriend (he kicks ass) enjoyed cleaning up. I couldn't do it, I just kept gagging. I called the vet and talked to her about what was happening and they wanted her in right away so my mother took her in Friday morning and left her there. The Vet called me a couple hours later and said she was running a high temperature but otherwise appears healthy and gave me the choice to treat her with meds and see if it clears up or to do blood tests and an x-ray of her stomach. I chose the blood test/x-ray route for peace of mind because she's my baby girl. Thankfully most of the tests came out fine except for a liver enzyme being elevated. They had to send out another test because they couldn't do it there to do further testing on her liver and they let me know on Monday that that test came back fine. So Sandy has been on 3 different types of meds since Friday and is doing great now! I was so incredibly scared something was really seriously wrong - blood in anything is never a good sign. Only a couple more days of meds thankfully - stuffing pills down her throat 4 times a day is not fun.

Other than that, it's the same old shit, different day...


Lynn said...

I don't know, Survivor, it sounds like a different day to me :-) I'm so glad you shared this. I'm glad that poor Sandy is ok now. There is something kind of cleansing and restorative to the self to work on a house, don't you think? I'm hoping for good things. BC will be good.

Wanda's Wings said...

Wow sounds like you are an endless store of engery! Hope your dog is feeling better soon.

jumpinginpuddles said...

you sound better but are you ?

Cheesemeister said...

I hope that Sandy is doing better. It sucks when pets are sick. I am having to put my 15 year old cat to sleep. I do not relish the moment.

knightandbaby said...

Understand about your lab. I had to take my dog in for seizures. She is ok, had blood tests and they came back ok. She has epilepsy though. She is my baby, my little angel, innocent and wild like a dingo in the bush.

She is what I have.

Cheesemeister said...

Have you tried the old wrapping the pill in a piece of lunch meat or cheese route? That might make it a little easier to get her to take them.
I can't do celsius to Fahrenheit conversions but it has been 90 or above here for so long now and I'm dead sick of it!

Marj aka Thriver said...

I'm glad you're tooting your own horn--it feels good to find new things you're good at, and I'm glad you're feeling good! Hope your dog continues to be okay.

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